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2009-04-29 14:26:24 by Joonza

Long time no see, huh? Yea, seriously, I haven't posted, nor even made any flash since like last autumn. And if I have, just some small projects here and there, what I didn't even finish. Mostly because of school and lack of motivation.

But, some good news as well. I've started making my newest film and luckily getting more into the mood. It's a big one, and it'll probably be done somewhere in June or in the end of May. It's different from my others, just because of the design. I'm putting once again more effort to the design and details of the movie, but still probably not much to the lenght. I'm going to post some pictures of the film somewhere in the near future, because now, there's really nothing exciting done yet. Well OK, here's just an exciting picture of it below. Nothing special, but I'm just showing, how's the design.

Well, otherwise, see you soon, take care.

News and recent stuff


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2009-10-19 14:54:58

Vähän kritismiä tosta kuvasta:
Siitä puuttuu kävely kadut :p
Eli suoraan sanottuna talot alkaa suoraan autotieltä :p